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Let there be light!

Gradually we wake from the pandemic hibernation and start to head outside to meet up with friends and family.

Spring has sprung and we're even seeing glimpses of sunshine, albeit a little chilly in the evenings.

Why not light up your garden with a beautiful lantern with unique fused glass panels?

I chose the Ikea Borrby lanterns as I know that some people will already have these lanterns or maybe purchase direct from Ikea with their plain glass 'windows'. (I have purchased several lanterns which can be purchased from me and delivered with the fused glass panels).

I have created fused glass panels in two sizes (door and main) to replace the Ikea glass in your lantern. You may wish to swap one, two, three or all panels in your lantern and can choose from an array of different floral or hot air balloon designs.

If you are purchasing the lantern direct from Ikea, you may also wish to purchase their LED candles too which can be set to come on for 6 hrs at the same time every day creating a welcoming glow as the evening draws in.

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