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Glass types

What sort of glass do I use? 99% of the time I use glass from Bullseye for glass fusing. Bullseye glass comes in a variety of different forms and I thought you may like to see how it arrives in it's 'raw-ish' form before I fuse it into my end pieces.

Sheets of Glass

Glass can be purchased in sheets of a variety of sizes, colours, styles and thickness.

Opal, transparent, streaky, striker or curious glass.

I tend to use 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm Bullseye glass.

Glass Powder and Frit

Again the glass can be opal or transparent and a huge variety of colours.

In addition, the glass crystals can be in 4 different sizes - course, medium, fine or powder.

Stringers, ribbons and glass rods

Glass can also be purchased in stringers (spaghetti size glass of 1mm or 2mm diameter); in ribbons (approx 5mm wide and 1.5mm thick) and in rods (approx 5mm diameter).

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