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Sunset Pendant

Sunset Pendant

SKU: SUP0114

Sunset pendants are made with between 12-15 different types of glass, layered to create the illusion of the changing light of a sunset.  Each one is a unique little artwork and I hope you recognise your favourite sunset amongst the ones I've created.


For such a small piece the process to create them has many stages including 2 firings in the kiln, sawing the edges and then several processes to cold work (grind and polish) the edges of the piece before applying a decal, stencil or painting with enamel.


Each pendant is approx 5cm in height and 2.5cm in width and fitted with a silver bail. 


When ordering you can also purchase a sterling silver snake chain (14" 16" 18" 20" or 22") or a suede thong (navy, blue, black, green or grey).


Each pendant is sold in it's own presentation gift box ready to be gifted to someone else or a deserving gift to yourself!

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