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Seascape Pendant

Seascape Pendant

SKU: SS00078

My sampling has not just been to look at results from different laying of glass but also included experimenting further to exploit the elements in different glass to cause a reaction.  For instance some blues and greens contains copper which reacts with some yellows and reds containing sulphur.  Or the glass containing sulphur reacts with some pinks/purples and whites contain lead.  Each reaction has a slightly different result.  You may notice on some of the seascapes I've tried to utilise the reactions to create horizon lines!


Where a glass is iridised the reaction can often have a crackling effect and I've tried to capture this reaction in the 'water' to give it some movement or where there's no 'reaction' to create a subtle shimmer that catches light from different angles.


Each pendant has between 14-18 pieces of cut glass, positioned and layered to produce different effects, an impression of distance, a shimmer, reaction and of course colouring.  There are three firings involved for each of the seascape pendants (two for the sunset pendants) and both types require me to saw, grind and then to cold work each pendant to achieve the final results you see here.


The pendants are approx 2.5cm wide and 5cm long and finished with a silver bail through which you can thread your chain/thong.  


Each pendant is sold in it's own presentation gift box ready to be gifted to someone else or a deserving gift to yourself!

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