Red and Blue Illusion Trinket Dish

Red and Blue Illusion Trinket Dish

SKU: ST0003

I've called this little 9cm x 9cm trinket dish an illusion because if you look at the 'squares' you will see that they look a little like they've rounded out and softened.  This dish was created with strips of glass then cut into squares and placed into the pattern you see.  The final addition is clear squares over every other piece before firing.


The first rule of glass is that it wants to be 6mm deep.  By firing glass that is thicker than 6mm, the glass will always want to spread out.  If it's less than 6mm, it will pull in to achieve 6mm.  So in this little dish, the places with the additional clear glass have spread to create the illusion of soft and rounder edges.


Perfect size to adorn your dressing table, side table or your kitchen/bathroom window sill to keep your jewellery or change.



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