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Pressed Glass Heart Sun Catcher 9cm x 9cm

Pressed Glass Heart Sun Catcher 9cm x 9cm

SKU: STK200351

Each brightly coloured heart shaped sun catcher is created using a technique of pressing glass between kiln shelves to create this dense 3mm thickness of glass.  (see blog - glass when fully fused likes to be 6mm in depth!).


Small pieces of glass, helix, chopped glass rods, murrini and frit fill the cut out shape of fibre paper.  A second kiln shelf is placed on top and weighted evenly.  The first firing melts the glass, spreading under the weight to fill the cut out shape entirely and creating the solid form. 


The edges are then cold-worked using diamond handpads and a grinder.  The surfaces are also cold-worked by hand. 


One final fire polish firing in the kiln for a further 9 hours and finished with a ribbon to hang your sun catcher.


9cm x 9cm



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