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Main Fused Glass Panel (16)

Main Fused Glass Panel (16)


Fused glass panel measuring 12cm x 15.5cm created using Bullseye glass. 


I couldn't resist creating some hot air balloon panels.  The balloons are created using a nugget of prefired glass strips and stringers and then press fired.  This is where I have a weighted kiln shelf on top of the small pieces of glass.  As the temperature increases in the firing, the murrini or cane spread out to form these delightful wafers which are approx 1mm thickness.


Clear glass is cut to size and onto which the 'picture' is created by positioning different styles of fused glass (vitigraph, murrini, cane, stringers and a mixture of sizes of frit) on the top of the clear glass panel.   


The panel then goes back in to the kiln for one more firing - this time a tack fuse so that the panels retain the textured effect but the glass is firmly 'tacked' to the clear glass beneath.


Created to fit Ikea's BORRBY Lantern however the panel looks fabulous in a small wooden stand or against a window.



  • BORRBY Lantern from Ikea

    Each panel has been created to fit the Ikea BORRBY 'lantern for block candle' which is 28cm high (not including the handle) and 15cm square at the base.  These lanterns can be used indoors or outdoors and are sold in black or white.  (Article no: 101.561.09).

  • Door panel

    Note the door panel on the BORRBY Lantern is slightly smaller (10cm x 14.5cm) - see other posts.

  • Pricing

    Lantern with 1 fused glass panel (+3 Ikea plain glass panels) = £40.00
    Lantern with 2 fused glass panel (+2 Ikea plain glass panels) = £50.00
    Lantern with 3 fused glass panel (+1 Ikea plain glass panels) = £60.00
    Lantern with 4 fused glass panel (+0 Ikea plain glass panels) = £70.00

    If panels are purchased individually:

    Main panels = £18.00 each
    Door panels = £15.00 each

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