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Large Square Platter 30cm x 30cm

Large Square Platter 30cm x 30cm

SKU: SQD0063

A large, square, fused glass dish made fusing two layers of 3mm glass with smaller lacy powder squares on the top.


The smaller squares of coloured glass created by fusing layers of powder which then fully fused pulls apart and together to try to reach 6mm thickness.  This then creates the lacy finished squares.  I also added a small amount of silver and gold mica to some powder squares which give the speckled metallic shine.   (see pre fired powder in photos)


I have tried in the photographs to also demonstrate how at different angles the lacy squares look as if they're floating above the base layer of glass.


Each piece is unique. It makes a nice table centerpiece or it can be mounted on a plate rack and displayed on a shelf or in a window.


30cm x 30cm 

  • Washing Up!

    Please always hand wash this item with a little soapy hot water.  Do not put in dishwasher.

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