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Jigsaw Puzzle Dish 20cm x 20cm

Jigsaw Puzzle Dish 20cm x 20cm

I love creating these jigsaw/puzzle dishes but boy do they hurt my head putting them together!


Stage 1 is to fuse 2mm diameter strings of coloured glass together and to a base layer of 3mm clear glass.


Stage 2 is to carefully score and break the fused glass square into tiny triangles.


Stage 3 ie jigsaw stage is to then piece together the triangles to match up each of the stringers and then create the 'top' layers.   Then to create the illusion of layers by matching up more triangles to lay between the 'top' layer.  


Once all the pieces are in place, it's time to transfer it to the kiln and fire upside down with a clear square of glass over the top.


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