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Floral Curve 22cm (L) x 13cm (H)

Floral Curve 22cm (L) x 13cm (H)

SKU: SW0001

This handmade floral curve was created in stages.  The base layer of glass was 'coloured' with glass powder to create the base layer of grass, sky and flower stalks.  


Fired a second time at a lower temperature to tack the flowers, some made using 'freeze and fuse' and others by creating individual balls of glass by cutting up glass rods and showering it with large pieces of frit to create interest in the piece.  The final and third firing was over the a mould to slowly slump the glass into this wonderful wave.


It will look stunning on a window sill or lit up with candles or a light behind it.


22cm in length and 13cm high

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