Emerald Green and Copper Dish 10cm x 10cm

Emerald Green and Copper Dish 10cm x 10cm

SKU: SQD0109

I have once again used the glorious emerald green glass to create a 10cm square dish. 


A copper heart captured between the two layers of glass and fully fused.   Copper can react with the glass and turn red or black during firing - you will see specs of red around the edge of the heart.  The heart looks almost 3D as it's kept the crumpling and shape as if it is on top of the glass.


You can also see the little champagne bubbles, a feature of fused glass, in the rich emerald colour.


  • Washing Up!

    Please always hand wash this item with a little soapy hot water.  Do not put in dishwasher.


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