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Drop Vase in Turquoise and Orange

Drop Vase in Turquoise and Orange

SKU: DV0002

Turquoise and vibrant orange stripes 'drop' vase made in my glass kiln. 


Handmade using a layering sheets of opal white, opal turquoise, bright orange and clear glass with small strips of opal orange which is first fused into a thick slab of glass before then putting it back in the kiln over a ceramic ring.  This then 'drops' the glass through the ring and many heart stopping moments waiting and watching until the bottom of the glass touches the bottom of the kiln.  At this point the kiln has to be cooled enough to stop the glass from melting further but not too cool to shock the glass.  As the glass drops through the ring, the glass stretches and moves to provide the beautiful tones.


Each vessel makes a glorious decorative item or can be used as a vase for a posy or bud.


If you want to find out a little more about the process and many steps involved in creating a drop vase, then please do look at my blog post.  

This vase measure around 9cm tall, 8cm diameter at the top and 7cm diameter at the bottom.


In order to deliver these delicate, small and beautifully fragile pieces, they will be mailed and arrive in a much larger packaging!

  • Washing Up!

    Please always hand wash this item with a little soapy hot water.  Do not put in dishwasher.

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