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Doodle Dish 30cm x 12cm

Doodle Dish 30cm x 12cm

SKU: SRD1088

Anyone who knows me, knows I sometimes can't resist doing things a little different! 


So this 30cm x 12cm Doodle dish was hand doodled using glassline paints in blacks, pinks and gold before being slumped into the shape!  The glass is 6mm float glass which makes for a heavier and slightly more robust dish (but it's still glass!).


Whether used as somewhere to keep the remote controls, by the hob for cooking spoons or even for that hall side table where 'everything' gets collated!


30cm x 12cm

  • Washing Up!

    Please always wash by hand in warm soapy water.  Do not put in a dishwasher!

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