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Copper Sulphur Reaction Dish 10cm x 10cm

Copper Sulphur Reaction Dish 10cm x 10cm

SKU: SQD0029

Using the properties in the glass I have created little reactions in this piece.  Two different types of white stringers have been used - one type contains sulphur and creates the reaction around the edge of the stringer and the second white doesn't and remains a bright white colour. You will also see a tiny reaction line betwen the French Vanilla glass on each side (containing sulphur) and the blue strip in the middle (containing copper).   Similar examples of the 'reaction' can be seen on the blobs (frit) where I have used French Vanilla and the same two whites.


Reactions between the chemical properties in glass can be exciting as many colours in glass contain different chemical elements and the reaction can look very different depending on the chemicals, the colour of the glass and also how much glass is 'touching'.


This fun little reaction dish is 10cm x 10cm

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