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Blues Stack Serving Dish 12cm x 29cm

Blues Stack Serving Dish 12cm x 29cm

SKU: SRD0033

Did you know that glass when fused wants to be 6mm deep?


You can pile glass high or just use a thin layer of glass but when fused the glass will spread out or suck up to form a 6mm deep piece.  So when I created this piece, I stacked pieces of glass on one another in the knowledge that it would squeeze and spread out to try to achieve a 6mm layer.  I stopped the firing just before it became entirely flat so there is a tiny bit of texture between the stacks.


Reds, greys, blues and all on a white glass base layer of glass.


Whether you buy this piece to use as an occasional dish to keep bits and bobs in, or to sit on the side as a display piece, or may be to use as a serving dish, I'm sure you'll love the shapes and colours.

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