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Blues Blobs Bowl (BBB) Approx 33cm diameter

Blues Blobs Bowl (BBB) Approx 33cm diameter

Super large fused glass bowl in blues, white and black blobs.   Perhaps you can see it as a big salad bowl at a BBQ, somewhere to keep keys and bits and bobs in the hallway or just as an object to admire.   The sunlight stops and starts as it hits each blob, the tiny gaps between the powder and with each colour and density.


To create this bowl, I first drew each circle in black enamel to create the various sizes of blobs.  Next each circle was filled with glass powders in blues, black and white colours.   


Fired once to fuse the powder, enamel and glass just enough to fix it all in place but not too much so as to leave the texture on the base of the bowl.   


Fired a second time to slump into the bowl shape.


Approx 33cm diameter

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